How it Works

Canovia’s core line of business sets us above the rest. Beginning with cultivation, growing, and manufacturing of all hemp crops, to cbd private label customization with cbd website design. We’ve got it all. Full vertical integration is just one of our vital components to Canovia’s core line of business.

You Sell — We Take Care of the Rest.

  • You are assigned one team member that will guide you through the entire process.
  • You will be able to select your desired products from one of the industry’s most diverse portfolio of finished goods.
  • Customized branding by our in-house graphic designers.
  • Custom tailored website for your business including credit card processing.
  • We offer a built-in affiliate tracker on your website, grow your sales exponentially by adding in an affiliate program at no cost to you! 
  • We are the only product manufacturer that offers no inventory buy in. No need to purchase large quantities of goods. No need to tie up valuable capital and store inventory anymore. We do that for you.
  • All product labels and packaging have QR codes that link directly to the Certificate of Analysis.
  • Customer orders are shipped within 3 business days from time of sale.
  • Cost to you is a one time $999 initial setup fee and a $499/month maintenance fee.
  • Net proceeds to you are 40%..
  • Credit Card processing is optional.

So, how do you gain advantage above your competitors in today’s CBD market? Simple, sell the highest quality product, put your heart into it and be sure your customers trust you and your products. Canovia makes this easy to do by providing the highest standard of products with QR codes on all labels and packaging. This QR code links directly to the Certificate of Analysis from an ISO-accredited third-party lab to verify the quality of each product which are produced in our FDA approved facility.  Another attribute to set you apart from your competitors is quick turnaround time. No one wants to wait a week for their products, so we guarantee product shipment within 3 business days from time of sale, if not sooner.  While other wholesale companies will sell you products with your brand printed on them, Canovia offers a complete turn-key business solution.

Get ready to sit back and watch your business flourish…

How to Start a CBD Business

There are countless opportunities for new businesses to sell CBD or for someone to create their very own CBD brand.  The cannabis industry is one of the fastest growing in the nation, and CBD is one of the quickest growing sectors of that industry. It is expected to flourish and become a $20 Billion market by 2024.  With these projections, it’s no surprise that you’re not alone in wanting to start a CBD business. So how do you stand out and become successful in this booming market? A combination of creativity, attention to detail and the highest quality products will set you and your business up for success in today’s thriving CBD market.  There are a variety of ways for you to expand or start this venture, but the most common is to look into a wholesale company. This is where Canovia comes into play, except we offer so much more by putting you in first place from the get-go.  While other wholesale companies will sell you a branded product, Canovia offers a complete turn-key business solution.

Why Choose Us?

Canovia is a leading innovator in all facets of today’s hemp industry including cultivation, research, product development, manufacturing,  and marketing for hemp-based customers, consumers and suppliers around the world.

We pride ourselves on our hemp-based research every step of the way from seed to shelf and beyond. Canovia products have been proven to improve the quality of life for our consumers. We truly believe the benefits of CBD are tremendous and cannot wait to share this with you.
Offering our customers only the highest quality of product at the most competitive prices; you can be sure your consumers are 100% satisfied with their CBD products.